What we do

European Partnership: Our vision

"The European Partnership is focused on giving partners a voice in key policy debates and providing expert advice and support to help partners access EU funds from the 2014-2020 programmes. The Brussels team is actively engaged in providing a high-quality, intelligence-oriented service, concentrating on the needs of our partners, while also exploring potential income generating opportunities which can be invested back into the service for the benefit of partners."

How do we do this?

  • Finding a path of opportunity for partners through the EU institutions and legislation
  • Providing intelligence and advance warning of EU policy and funding developments
  • Raising the profile of individual partners in particular and the East of England in general with key policy makers in the EU and organisations across the EU
  • Creating links through networking and partner searches with other European regions in support of transnational project development
  • Newsletters (link to ‘news and newsletters’ section)

More specialised activities

  • Organising and facilitating delegation visits from the region to Brussels (including use of our conference room and other facilities)
  • Enabling partners to exercise influence at the appropriate level in the European institutions – facilitating contact
  • Providing in-depth specialist briefings tailored to individual needs in a wide range of policy areas
  • Supplying practical information and assistance on how to make the most out of European funding opportunities and partner searches

To find out more about our priority activity for 2016-2019, see our Business Plan.