Hertfordshire LEP

Herfordshire LEP was established in 2010 and formally recognised by the UK Government in 2012. The LEP brings together local businesses, education providers, voluntary organisations and social enterprises as well as the public sector to tackle key barriers to growth. While the LEP is not involved in direct delivery their role is to be a:

  • Strategic leader: to develop a long-term vision for Hertfordshire’s economy
  • Coordinator: to create the relationships and networks that are needed for partnership working to flourish
  • Investor: they have a proven track record in securing significant investment for the county. To date they have secured a £221.5 million Growth Deal for Hertfordshire, with £60m EU funds set to be available in 2015. 
  • Advocate: they are a strong voice on behalf of businesses and communities in Hertfordshire both within Government and the EU. We will continue to make the case for further investment.
The business-led Board is responsible for setting the vision and strategic priorities for publicly funded economic development in the county. It is supported by a small Executive Team which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the LEP.

Their Strategic Economic Plan sets outs their ambition to create by 2030 16,600 more homes, 38,600 additional jobs and leverage £590 million private sector funding. By collaborating with businesses, education providers and local authorities we are committed to realising the region’s full economic potential.

You can find out more about Hertfordshire LEP on their website.